Family Style Care​  &

RCFE   Lic. #374600245

Family Style Care​  II

RCFE   Lic. #374600688

Voted The Best Senior Living in San Diego 2017
"On behalf of, I am pleased to inform you that Family Style Care II has been rated by your families as The Best of Senior Living in San Diego 2017."

-Eric Seifert

Life affirming well being program geared to unique personal needs upon a foundation of real community.

*   Safety, Cleanliness and Comfort.
*   Timely appropriate medications.
*   Close working relationship with each Resident's doctors.
*   One to Four or more Caregiver ratio to Residents.
*   Lots of personal attention.
Assisted homecare facility for the elderly
Caring for family members since 1995

Family Style Care I and Family Style Care II 
offers the basic services plus

Guided Exercise and Walk Abouts

Gardening for fun

Leisure Time Areas

Quarterly Entertainment: Dance and Music

Games and Trips to Bringo

Free Trips for Sunday Worship